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Afterlife Post, a product of qrsevlo, Inc.

Afterlife Post is, quite simply, "letters sent from the afterlife" or "afterlife letters". We don't send letters to and from the great beyond, but we do send letters that a person wrote while living to be delivered upon his or her death.

Our service is designed to let you send one last letter to your friends and family after you've died for whatever reason. It just lets you put to rest, so to speak, anything that you thought was unfinished and you wanted to say -- but maybe just didn't have the time.

It works like this:

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* optional -- and we recommend you just print off or save them on your computer someplace where your family can find them. Granted that's a bad idea generally, but we believe in being straightforward here: any data that a company can provide to a person can be read by the company with some effort -- and if we encrypted it so it'd take a lot of effort (i.e. months/years of attempts), if the code to decrypt the data were lost by you or your family -- guess what would happen? Yep, we wouldn't be able to give the data to your people you wanted.