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That in itself is enough to make some get mad because they don’t believe they believe, they think they know the truth, yet they don’t even follow their own beliefs in trying to prove their own beliefs.

Do your own Research! (gravity, buoyancy, density)

Also known as, redo everything that’s already been done, but, this only seems to apply to people that don’t think the earth is flat. And here’s why. Gravity. Flat earthers as a whole don’t believe in gravity, they demand that globe people prove it exists, but won’t allow any of the tests that are done to show it because they don’t believe it’s valid. They’ll claim it’s buoyancy, or density, or electrostatic/electromagnetism (even though things still fall, and at the same rate in a vacuum–which eliminates those–and things don’t just fall, but accelerate).

But when did flat earthers prove the existence of buoyancy? Of Density? How about electrostatic charges? How do they know that’s what is causing things to happen, and not something else? They are relying on science, and ancient science of BC times to “prove” their position, without doing the actual science to prove it is that, and nothing else. While making massive assumptions that those things really exist, they completely disregard other science as something people need to prove first before it can be accepted.

It’s like this, anytime a globe person mentions gravity, they instantly demand proof. Anytime they mention buoyancy or density, they never provide proof that they proved either exist, or even how you calculate either. Because people know they exist, no one asks for proof–yet by the flat earth beliefs, they have to provide it, and not only proof, but experiments, math, and ways to try and disprove it. Yet they think they provide it with different liquids in tubes with objects, but it doesn’t really mean that that’s what’s causing it. How do they know it isn’t electricity, or magnetism, or even maybe liquids are really alive and they don’t like each other (who knows, maybe their god has a sense of humor?), but there’s not the calculations to say where, and how, and how deep, and how they calculated the density, and the formulas for it, and basically literally everything else they would require a globe person to provide if they had mentioned it or something else to defend the globe .

After all, oil doesn’t mix with water? Except when it does (see Lecithin, or emulsifiers). How does that work in the calculations?

You hold a steel ball, it’s more dense, it won’t go through you, unless traveling at a high enough velocity. You can hold a steel ball with pieces of yarn. Why do things fall down, but not other directions in almost all cases (like things filled with some gasses)?

Flat earthers believe as a whole that density and buoyancy applies, but how can the earth even exist? Things fall down, down is now more dense than up, without *insert something that pulls or holds something down that isn’t buoyancy or density or magnetism or electromagnetic* the ground would then float upward or other directions to the less dense areas. But then that would be too dense, so it would fall back, in a sense creating a “world” that was nothing more than floating particles in a vast expanse constantly moving around.

Why do I say that the electromagnetic/magnetism don’t work? MRI’s we don’t float in them, we don’t fly toward the machine. We’re not strapped down. Equipment isn’t strapped down, and it doesn’t fly toward it. The room doesn’t have things floating around when it’s engaged.

Computers work. A simple spark from a finger could fry a system board. there not being constant power floating in the world allows electronic devices to function. To say nothing of the hard drives of the past relying on magnetic based drives (where magnetic fields were used to quickly wipe them).

Flat earth beliefs on what ‘might’ replace gravity don’t work based on the actual world, the actual observable world.

The lack of any model

The flat earth has no model. At least no model that explains the observable world and all things that happen on it, including sun, moon, eclipses, seasons, distances, really just the actual world that we live on and experience. Most of the models involve grabbing the UN map and claiming that’s it, yet the sun doesn’t work on that at all, the sunlight would travel a short distance some places, but a massive distance others. Then when Alaska has 24hrs of light , the sun must have a shade or some light trickery for a magic show because it totally doesn’t work.

Then seasons? It’s almost like flat earthers have a bias toward the northern countries (or I suppose “closest to the center” given their viewpoint), and not really think about those further away.

And that says nothing about the problem of the scaling of the southern continents. Longitude lines spread out on the flat earth “not a model but used as one it seems a lot until errors pointed out”. Whereas on a globe they don’t keep on getting wider. This makes the continents wider then they are in reality. Which means the flat earth model can’t put a scale for distances on their “model” It doesn’t work in reality. Because it isn’t right.

Normally if flat earthers are told that their model is wrong, they’ll just claim they don’t really have a model. Which raises a huge question: why not? It would be so much easier to map a flat earth than a spherical one. If it’s flat, all you’d have to do is send up a single weather balloon, and you’d get the entire earth, remember, there’s no “space” to you, so there’s nothing that would pop it, and you’d have a true picture.

Nasa, Jaxa, other people have sent satellites into space that have (and are) taking live photos of the earth now, most globe people don’t have millions, and we know balloons would pop and we can’t afford them. But you’re flat earthers, you know there’s no space and can do it, so go for it. Launch a balloon into the heavens toward the dome! have it hit the dome and take photos, while steaming it to earth or whatever. I guess you’ll have to put in a “balloon popper” mechanism so it falls back to earth though given what many of you seem to believe.

Here’s the thing, no matter what, even if we were billionaires, we would STILL have to use a space agency or their technology in part, or derivatives of it to get satellites in space. We’d even have to use them for the cameras to take the photos of earth, to make sure that it could survive in space. Meaning, we’d be spending millions just to put a Nasa/Jaxa satellite in orbit with a camera–that flat earthers wouldn’t trust. So, why do it? They already have the things in orbit, doing the things now, at no cost to us. And with a telescope, right location, knowing where it is, we could find them in orbit. As could any flat earther.

Most common debunk used by a flat earther, is just outright denying anything is true, without providing any evidence for their viewpoint. Or, if they do provide evidence, it either doesn’t prove what they say (they self-debunk and prove a globe), or it’s highly flawed / shows a lack of understanding of what they did. For example, when a flat earther says moonlight is cold, and they demonstrate the difference in something under moonlight, vs something shaded–never realizing that the shaded / closer to a building / whatever area may be more shielded allowing for more heat retention. Which is shown to be the case when people test it properly.

As a note, and for the flat earther’s privacy, I won’t provide screenshots or any identifying information for any specific flat earther (or poe). In part, as I don’t want them harassed, or found out. I’m also aware that just by posting a screenshot without their info, people can search that text, and be returned that person’s profile/tweet/etc.

Stupidity with Volume

Some flat earthers (or poes, because they are believed by flat earthers) will deny what volume is. They may outright say that if you have volume of 100units in container A, then you move it to container B, it no longer has a volume of 100units. In fact, if you move the 100units to a flat piece of foil on a table, it may not have a volume, or be different still! They will then go on posting definitions of volume from different sources, none saying it changes, nor that it needs to be in a container. Yet they will claim victory, and deny that they debunked themselves. Anyone showing that their own evidence debunks them will result in them repeating the same thing, with more evidence that also debunks themselves. But there’s more! Say anything about how their evidence shows they didn’t read/research/etc it, they will say it is *you* who doesn’t research or read it, and that you are projecting. It’s almost like a projection/gaslight attempt they pull with this. And similar things too really.

Stupidity with Satellites / Space

But you’ll have others that will hear about satellites, even shown a video recorded from an armature astrologer, that shows the ISS moving across the moon. They will watch it, see how it moves, see it for themselves if they look outside, and be like “it’s a balloon/fake image projected off the dome” or some such thing, and say that satellites don’t exist. When asked what proof they have, you’ll frequently get “space is fake” and “NASA buys a lot of helium”. When pressed that not only NASA buys helium, and the use for that is different, they’ll blow it off as “all are NASA, and that means to deceive”. Then when you show it doesn’t mean that they are using another word, they’ll just deny everything again, and repeat the cycle of “evidence” of just “nuh-uh-ing” all the evidence away.

Resets & Circular

Basically flat earthers seem to have a “reset” wherein they seem to forget they ever said something, or that things were said to them, so they will keep on repeating the same information all the time. Some seem to reset midway through a post, others like every day or few days. But they always seem to just ignore everything told to them, and act like “no one has ever proven this wrong”. And then have to be told again.

But while that happens, they also sometimes toss in the circular arguments, like “satellites are fake because space is fake, and space is fake because it has to be as the earth is flat, and the earth can’t be proven to be a sphere because it requires space (it doesn’t need that), and space is fake and you can’t prove it because the moon landing is fake. Basically a constant one thing is fake therefore something else is, etc, while never proving any of it, but their believers think it’s true because they just make the same assumptions.

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